Coming Home, or: the things I plan to do after I step off the plane and am back on Canadian soil for the first time in a year.

My Triumphant Canadian Return (WIP)

0.5. Go to the Toronto Zoo because they just got PANDAS.

1. Get Timmies. XL double double and an everything bagel with plain cream cheese, thank you very much. Nothing compares to Tims. Nothing.

2. Go to Subway. Why is Canada the only country to have discovered the deliciousness that is sub sauce? But seriously, why?

3. Get sushi (I’m sensing a food trend). SSM is not exactly Japan, but it’s a heck of a lot closer than Galway (I don’t mean literally).

4. Raid my fridge. If you’ve met my mother, you know that looking in my fridge is like Christmas every morning. So much good stuff. (I think I’m done with food now; I’ve been having preemptive hunger pangs).

5. Play with my puppies! I love my dogs!

5. Take a nap on my corner couch and/or deck to the sweet sweet sounds of 99.5. You miss the weirdest things when you’re away, I just want my crappy repetitive American bubble pop.

6. Go to the dentist. A year in Ireland (hi, guinness) and 3 months hiking in the bush (hello, calcium deficiencies), and you have a me that’s worried about my teeth falling out.

7. Cuddlefest. Self-explanatory. Hugs, hugs everywhere.

8. Visit all da people. This extends into the school year because I only have 2 classes left before I graduate! Woah! Note to past-self: somehow¬†condensing¬†your 4 year undergrad into what would have been 2.5 years if you hadn’t gone on exchange just means that you have to start paying back student loans sooner. Although it also means that your graduation coincides with both your 21st birthday and christmas hols (and you live in a border town so HELLO).

9. Drive out to the Orphan Lake trail and find that awesome beach I accidentally stumbled upon while hiking that one time. Bonfire, guitar, friends.

10. Castor board around the loop. Another one of those weird things you miss.


(Sunset over Lake Superior)