What I Miss About Ireland

The buskers. While I support the idea that there are equally talented people everywhere, the Irish (and UK) STYLE of music and singing is just…guh. There is a lot we could and should take from Isles music. I don’t know what happened in North America but at some point (maybe the 90s?) we saw the emergence of the untalented money maker (fun fact – ‘nasal’ singing is actually the exact opposite of being nasal, you close off your nasal passages). I’m not disparaging today’s music in general. Maybe it’s not the outcome of genius, but it’s peppy and we own it. But even though we have all of these decent (if-only-because-they’re-catchy) tunes, pretty much every singer is substandard. Music broadly, but singing in particular, is one of those things that you can get much better at with work and practice, but you do need to have that seed of raw talent. If your voice is best described as “can for the most part carry a tune but nothing special”, then let someone who has something special do it.

Rain. I’m sure given time there would come a point when I would get sick of the near constant drizzle, but that day is not this day. Oh no sir, I love rain. As long as I don’t have any important papers/electronics that could get wrecked (which would make me sad face), then bring it on. Rain 315 out of 364 days a year? Perfect.

You can get lamb burgers for the same price as ground beef. For someone who primarily refers to my eating habits as ‘vegetarian except for when it comes to lamb’, this is very very good. You just can’t get good, affordable lamb back home. Oddly enough, if you’re in Ottawa the best (and only) place I’ve found is Mandarin BBQ — technically it’s an all-you-can-eat stir fry, but just be me and go “lamb, squid, lamb, squid, lamb, squid” until you have a 5 pound bowl of deliciousness.

Electric kettles. As romantic as the idea of boiling water in your pastel tea kettle on the stove is, water boilers are just where it’s at.

Irish coffee/ 8€ 1.5L bottles of Irish cream. Irish cream. Irish cream in everything. That is all.


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